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It appears that since we actually have people at, we need to figure each other out and have some basic information posted somewhere. Besides, I was meaning to do this anyway, so just sit tight and I'll get this thing up for us here. If nothing else, Seanpuff, Ianpuff, Hamillpuff, Ewapuff, Wiggly-tough, and Puffsig can have their presence solidified.

AFJ's History

AFJ was originally created by akaroth and was used mainly for crossposting from AGNP purposes and also had the occaisional one-time lone Jigglypuff enthusiast posting. Then all of a sudden, everyone vanished.

Then in April of 2002, Rainbow Heron was browsing thru her long list of newsgroups on her server and set down some roots in AFJ when she discovered that no one was there. She encouraged her friend Darth Gumby to come along, and for a few months they had the group all to themselves. They also brought in all of the various Pokémon, .sigs, and other characters of theirs along.

When DG recommended that AFJ be carried by a big-time server, more people started popping in on AFJ and now we've got Newbies! And now we've finally got this page too! :-) WOOHOO!

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Darth Gumby
Andrew Perron
New Haights

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