Ok so Rainbow Heron (RH, RH/Alice) is a bit weird but what did you expect from someone who occaisionally uses a rainbow trout to smack people around? ;-) Besides, we wouldn't have her any other way. :-)

RH is a master punster who can be kinda hard to stop once she gets on a roll, but usually the roll will be the first to stop her. Then again you could ask RASSM their opinion...but then again maybe you shouldn't knowing that lot. :-D

When you find RH on RASSM, you'll usually find her hanging out with the sigs, Pokémon, other characters and real opinions, as well as all of her RASSM pals...especially the notorious Darth Gumby. When these two get together- well let's just hope you've taken your drammamine first. ;-) Some people have been known to get "dizzy" when reading those threads. <giggle :-D >

In addition to Weird Al, Star Wars, and Harry Potter fandom, RH also loves Pokémon, natural disasters, doing notepad HTML/css, boots, and of course anything colorful!!!

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And you'll probably like to see the image and other stuff too:

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