Troll: The Boinger

status: sporadic
Last Updated: 06/08/03

History: 'The-Boinger', as he is referred to by AMW-A regs, has been trolling AMW-A since before the author of this page even started posting! So this guy's been around since at least 1998.

Identity: No one knows *for sure*, but AMW-A reg, Pstokley, has often been blamed for it.

Reason: none

Trolling Tactics: Cross-Posting nonesense and wasting bandwidth. By 'nonsense' I mean posting stuff like: "kadjtu gefhdoifhdsfjds" (keyboard spasms), general stuff including South Park-related material all spelled badly, and his namesake, a nice long "bbbbbbboooooooiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg".

How To Spot The Boinger: EASY! He's misspells everything in his really long headings and it's all in lowercase. Prime example: "too nite at boinger king pikatchu is gay, britney spears is getting marreed tonite, respond to me u poeple". He also likes to post around holidays and just before a new airing of South Park, but he'll sometimes post at other times too.

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