Troll: Free Thinker

status: inactive
Last Updated: 06/08/03

History: First came to AMW-A sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2000.

Identity: Unknown

Reason: To make Stan's life miserable and to make ours miserable by combating Stan *on the newsgroup*. Usually won't post unless Stan is around.

Trolling Tactics: Responds to about 70% of Stan's posts and a few regulars. Responding to Stan (which by the way is fruitless) clogs up the newsgroup with even more off-topic and negative postings. By negative I mean countering everything Stan says with name-calling, hateful words, and even a few suggestive outbursts. Mainly just someone you can skip over.

How To Spot Free Thinker: Look for a Stan post...or look for "Free Thinker" under the poster heading.

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