Troll: Anonymous

status: extinct???
Last Updated: 06/08/03

History: Came to AMW-A sometime in the late summer/early fall of 1999. Went away from mid-November 1999 until early January 2000.

Identity: Just as the handle implies, Anonymous ('Anon' for short) uses an anonymous remailer, but will respond to you (whether you've reponded to Anon or not) on AMW-A. Anon has never given any hard evidence as to their identity, altho some regs recognize Anon as 'Zorak'- a troll from somewhere else. That said, Anonymous went by 'Hail Zorak!' for awhile.

Reason: Anon claims to have come into AMW-A peacefully but received a harsh welcome. It is unknown if this is true or not- no one saved the post or anything. This supposedly 'harsh welcome' drove Anon to lash out at everyone (specifically and generally).

Trolling Tactics: Anon's main tactic is name-calling. Anon calls eveyone "retards". Why? Who knows?! Anon has also been known to email AMW-A regs with misleading headers and point them to a website or something that calls them a "retard." So if you receive a email in your box from an anonymous remailer- trash it!
Once, Anon slandered a newsgroup reg >name withheld< by claiming to be that person. It was so severe that Al and Bermuda had to intervene.

How To Spot Anonymous: If you have your newsreader set so that you can see the handle and/or email addy of whomever is posting a particular post, you'll find 'Anonymous' pretty easily. But don't get Anon confused with Anonymous Erin! Anonymous Erin is a *good* person!

Anonymous' Exit: A semi-truce was reached when a reg started a playful relationship with Anonymous (sorry I forgot whom it was). After several weeks of 'playfulness' between the two, they staged a mock wedding and Anonymous hasn't been heard from since... No I'm not kidding!

Return of the Mantis: Anon returned as Mister Mantis ("Zorak" is a praying mantis featured on the cartoon comedy Space Ghost) when his "wife" had a birthday in 2001...and then he disappeared again. During the maybe 3 posts he made, he was actually pretty civil and appeared to be using a legit address. If he should ever return for a good length of time and remains civil throughout, then I'd love to remove him from the "troll" label...

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