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"ian mcdiarmid"
2001.09.11 "Almeida A.D.'s Ankling"   resigning
2001.09.06 "Almeida's Artistic Directors to Bolt"   resigning
2001.01.24 "Almeida's Moving Perf"   refurbishment and current plays including Tempest & Lulu
2000.12.13 "Blighty Faces Yule Blizzard"   wintertime plays including Tempest
1998.04.03 "Force Returns to Fox Field"   distributing SWEP1TPM, Ian mentioned in cast list
1998.01.04 "London Decks the Halls With Bows Aplenty"   Ian in Ivanhov and Government Inspector, upcomming Judas Kiss, rave words for Ian;they actually called Nunn's stuff a surefire hit
"ian mcdiarmid" reviews:
2000.12.29 "The Tempest"   photo same as SW Insider
2000.02.18 "All The King's Men"   
1999.11.15 "Sleepy Hollow"   
1999.05.10 "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace"   
1997.03.02 "Ivanov"   
1988.01.01 "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"   
1983.01.01 "Return Of The Jedi"   

"almeida theatre"
2001.06.12 "To Bow Or Not To Bow"   The Shape Of Things
2001.05.15 "Intermedia Pulls Trigger"   pic of Kevin Spacey, current projects but mentions The Iceman Cometh
2001.05.14 "Pretty Shingle Inks First-Look Deal"   pic of LaBute, about his film work but mentions upcoming The Shape Of Things
2001.03.28 "Lincoln Center Slates Pinter Festival"   9 Pinter plays, Almeida does most of it all
2001.03.28 "A Look Ahead"   lists stories to be covored "tomorrow" includes Pinter plays
2000.12.06 "Albee's 'Baby' to Take Century into Gotham"   "The Play About The Baby" which debued at Almeida
2000.01.18 "Spacey's Indie Vision 20/20"   Kevin Spacey's career, includes mention of The Iceman Cometh
1999.11.01 "Flockhart Back into 'Bash'"   
1999.10.06 "Winslet Eyes 'Bash' as U.K. sets Rudd, Eldard"   Kate to possibly replace Flockhart on off-days?
"almeida theatre" reviews:
M-1998.04.30 "The Judas Kiss"   MIRRORED
M-1998.03.23 "The Judas Kiss"   MIRRORED
"almeida theatre" beyond Variety:
2001.09.16 "Uncle Stuck In His Ways: Theatre"   Platonov, source: The Mail on Sunday (UK)
2001.09.14 "The Crudity Of Youth: Theatre"   Platonov + more, source: The Sunday Telegraph
2001.09.14 "Theatre"   multi-mini-review, source: The Express
2001.09.10 "When We Were Kings"   career review, Almeida mentioned as being part of Islington where this guy lives, source: Design Week
2001.09.10 "Arts: Kelly's Eye on the Prize"   discusses Jude Kelly to replace Nunn, mentions Almeida Ian & Kent, source: The Observer
2001.10.01 "'It Was the Luck of My Life'"   Kent interview, resigning, source: The Daily Telegraph
2001.09.08 "Pick of the week: Platonov"   description ,source: The Daily Telegraph
2001.09.06 "What Now For The Almeida?"   MIRRORED ARTICLE!, commentary, resigning, source: Evening Standard
M-2001.09.06 "Almeida's Artistic Directors To Resign Next Year"   MIRRORED ARTICLE, resigning, source: Evening Standard
M?-2001.09.05 "Directors Behind Almeida's Success Story Quit"   mirrored?, resigning, source: The Daily Telegraph
2001.09.05 "'Our Time Had Come'"   MIRRORED ARTICLE, double-interview, resigning, source: The Guardian
2001.09.01 "Interview:" (Adian Gillen)   interview, briefly mentions Platonov, source: The Independent

X-2001.09.23 "Bay Skies Cloudy"   Hispanic name
2001.09.16 "West End Bows its Head"   performances consider but don't cancel in light of 911
2001.09.12 "B'way Turns Lights Back On"   Broadway performs again after 911, photo of downtown street
M-2001.09.11 "Almeida A.D.S. Ankling"   MIRRORED
X-2001.09.09 "New Brazil Regime"   Brazil- just some guy named 'Almeida' (Hispanic name)
M-2001.09.06 "Almeida's Artistic Directors to Bolt"   MIRRORED
2001.08.21 "One-Way Ticket"   photo of LaBute & cartoon of cowboy onstage, The Shape Of Things, American plays vs London plays- VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!
2001.07.29 "Law Returns to Vic in Marlowe's 'Faustus'"   mostly about his career this season, mentions "Bash" as a ?cast member?
2001.06.19 "RSC Says Home is Where the Bard Is"   RSC is leaving the Barbican, Almeida mentioned briefly in ?passing?
M-2001.06.12 "To Bow or Not To Bow"   MIRRORED
2001.06.05 "B'way Hits New High Note"   nothing from Almeida this past season
X-2001.05.23 "'Our Song' Tunes Up"   Hispanic name de Almeida, 2 photos
2001.05.15 "Intermedia Pulls Trigger"   Kevin Spacey + photo of him, Almeida mentioned very briefly
M-2001.05.14 "Pretty Shingle Inks First-Look Deal"   MIRRORED
2001.04.04 "Pinter to Hit Boards in Retro"   the 12-play Pinter festival
stopped reading and started skimming here:
2001.03.28 "Lincoln Center Slates Pinter Festival"   Pinter festival
2001.03.28 "A Look Ahead"   upcoming stories in Variety, includes something on the Pinter festival
2001.03.05 "Westendbar!"   many things mentioned including The Shape Of Things briefly
2001.02.28 "Kennedy Center Spotlights Blighty"   April-July festival of British stuff, includes LuLu
X-2001.02.16 "International Titles at AFM"   AFM Film stuff, Hispanic name
2001.02.05 "Simply Irresistible"   a different Kent talks about attracting stars to fringe theatre and mentions Almeida briefly
M-2001.01.24 "Almeida's Moving Perf"   MIRRORED
X-2001.01.15 "Nicoll Shall Find 'Shelter'"   Hispanic name de Almeida and other stuff
X-2001.01.11 "Nicoll Finds 'Shelter' as First Guerrilla Title"   Hispanic name and other stuff
2001.01.10 "Cheers For Tears"   great shows but not a lot of profits, mentions many Almeida plays including Pinter LaBute's Bash Tempest and Finnes
M-2000.12.13 "Blighty Faces Yule Blizzard"   MIRRORED
M-2000.12.06 "Albee's 'Baby' to take Century into Gotham"   MIRRORED
X-2000.09.19 "IFP Panels offer Indie points of View"   Hispanic name
2000.09.06 "Binoche set for B'way Revival of 'Betrayal'"   briefly mentions her in Naked
X-2000.08.28 "Film Fest Listing - October"   nice long list of film festivals and their contact info, some guy named de Almeida
2000.08.18 "Stars Crowd London Stage"   mentions Conversations After A Burial
X-2000.07.14 "Festival do Rio gets Three-Year Sponsor"   Hispanic name
2000.06.05 "Backstage Notes: Tony Awards"   briefly mentions Mr. Peter's Connections
??-2000.03.03 "Sorvino, Benzali Will top Classic's 'Naked' Prod'n"   redo not-Almeida's version
NO-2000.01.21 "'Orfeu' Helmer Diegues Tapes 'God' for next pic"   Hispanic name
M-2000.01.18 "Spacey's Indie Vision 20/20"   MIRRORED
X-2000.01.10 "Foreign-lingo Entries from around the World"   Hispanic name
2000.01.04 "Grammy Noms List 4"   some music place/co named Almeida
M-1999.11.01 "Flockhart Back in 'Bash'"   MIRRORED
1999.10.13 "Mizrahi Going 'Undressed'"   briefly mentions Bash
M-1999.10.06 "Winslet Eyes 'Bash' as U.K. sets Rudd, Eldard"   MIRRORED
1999.09.30 "Almeida Sets Slate For Millennium"   mentions lots of stuff including Bash Celebration Cressedia and the Gainsgorough stuff
X-1999.04.12 "Brazil tix sales see big drop in March"   Hispanic name
X-1999.04.08 "Four Brazillian Producers Pact to Form 5+ Alliance"   Hispanic name
X-1999.03.12 "White Rose Plans A Bouquet of Releases"   Hispanic name
X-1999.03.10 "'Entropy', 'Ring' Bookend L.A. Indie Film Fest"   Hispanic name
1999.01.15 "Olivier Contenders Unveiled"   complete breakdown shows Almeida plays/noms, also mentions upcoming Phedre and Britannicus
X-1999.01.06 "Grammy Nominations List - Page 4"   some folks' name
1998.12.21 "'Iceman' Cometh to Danza's Door"   mentions the Almeida started it
X-1998.09.24 "Sky Subs Pass Galaxy In Brazil"   Hispanic name
1998.07.16 "'Iceman' May Cometh With Spacey, Not Cast"   how Pacino almost got it and coming to Broadway
X-1998.02.18 "Brazil Eyes Bird Invasion"   Brazil company
M-1998.01.04 "London Decks Halls With Bow Aplenty"   MIRRORED
"almeida" reviews:
2001.09.16 "Platonov"   
2001.07.26 "The Room/Celebration"   pic of everyone at a table in Celebration
2001.07.18 "A Kind Of Alaska/One for the Road"   part of the Pinter festival but not one of Almeida's
X-2001.06.24 "And Your Mother Too"   Hispanic name
2001.06.24 "The Homecoming"   part of the Pinter festival but not one of Almeida's
2001.06.10 "The Shape Of Things"   photo
2001.04.06 "Lulu"   
M-2000.12.29 "The Tempest"   MIRRORED, photo
X-2000.12.11 "Yerma"   Hispanic name
2000.11.20 "Light"   troupe Complicite performs at Almeida
2000.10.09 "My Zinc Bed"   someone in this did "Heartbreak House" for the Almeida 'several years back', photo
2000.09.18 "Conversations After A Burial"   Almeida but not Ian's "CAAB"
X-2000.09.18 "Love Torn in Dream"   Hispanic name
2000.09.11 "Richard II/Coriolanus"   at the Brooklyn Academy of Music during election campaign ;-)
2000.08.07 "Mr. Peters' Connections"   John Cullum but not Ian, still Almeida
M-2000.06.26 "Richard II/Coriolanus"   mirrored from somewhere else
?-2000.06.09 "Gangster No. 1"   play that was staged at Almeida was made into a German movie
X-2000.05.15 "Captains of April"   Hispanic name
?-2000.04.14 "Naked"   the Mira Sorvino version but alludes to the Almeida one
X-1999.09.24 "One Man's Hero"   Hispanic name
?-1999.04.29 "Ring Around the Moon"   son of Maggie Smith is in a play somewhere else but once acted at Almeida
X-1999.04.28 "On the Run"   Hispanic name
X-1999.04.21 "No Vacancy"   Hispanic name
?-1999.04.09 "The Iceman Cometh"   this version adapted from the Almeida's version
X-1998.10.09 "Dollar for the Dead"   Hispanic name
X-1998.05.19 "Crazy Heart"   Hispanic name
X-1998.05.18 "La Cucaracha"   
M-1998.04.30 "The Judas Kiss"   MIRRORED
1998.04.16 "The Iceman Cometh"   
M-1998.03.23 "The Judas Kiss"   MIRRORED
X-1998.03.05 "Elles"   Hispanic name
X-1997.12.07 "The Midnight Bride"   Hispanic name
1997.11.30 "Tongue Of A Bird"   
X-1997.10.05 "Esmeralda COmes by Night"   Hispanic name
1997.05.11 "Dona Rosita, the Spinster"   
M-1997.03.02 "Ivanov"   MIRRORED, Ian play
1997.01.05 "A Misdummer Night's Dream"   
X-1995.01.01 "Desperado"   Hispanic name
X-1994.01.01 "Clear and Present Danger"   Hispanic name, this "Joaquim de Almeida" I keep seeing above is in here
X-1994.01.01 "Only You"   Hispanic name
X-1984.01.01 "The Honorary Consul"   Hispanic name

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