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06/27/01: Put up 3 interesting links: an interview, a Palpatine Shrine, and a Forum Thread. Interesting reads each in their own rights. Altho I have to smile that I put these 3 up at the same time! :-D

06/13/01I just realized the counter code has been missing for two whole months! :-( I'll go fishing for links sometimes soon cuz The Embalmer (Ian's last play at the Almeida) opens soon.
Took down the birthday message cuz, well, it ain't his birthday anymore now is it? :-) I'm sorry I haven't been back for a while, but you how know real life can such be a pain sometimes... I still don't know why the Almeida banner is tranparent- I've fixed it several times now. :-P Well, the temporary solution seems to be working at least.

04/17/01 part 2: The Site has been split!!! Almeida theatre: Articles, Information, & Reviews is up and (mostly) running. I'll be adding more links back and forth for the rest of the night. I had to postpone the Site Award because one of the serious contenders for this year, went the way of the dodo when StarWars.Com and Homestead decided to go their seperate ways.

04/17/01 part 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!!! We've also updated the page! We've gone from 296 to 352 links! Woohoo! And plenty more to come!

04/15/01: Wowsers! Today our Bravenet Counter tipped 400 Unique visitors! Thank y'all SO much for showing up and coming back again and again! I'll be putting up new links this week so please do keep coming back!

04/11/01: Real Life can be a real hassle can't it? Well, here I am- I'M BACK! And I'm working again. Look for many many more links up VERY soon! I'm not sure how I'm going to do the whole "site split" thing right now, but I'll think of something...

02/04/02: Good Gracious! It's been that long has it? Well Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year!
I know y'all probably thought I'd forgotten about this're wrong- I agonize over this site. Okay I just have a hard time getting back to it because several other billion things keep coming up and eating up my time for this site! :-P Just popping in to let y'all know I'm still around, and to add to the American Tribute box.
As for Ian and the Almeida, Richard Attenborough's son Michael has been chosen and Ian mcDiarmid's and Johnathan Kent's successor. Congrats! And Ian just recently wrapped up Faith Healer. I've got a bunch of links I have not yet posted (due to aforementioned reasons), but I promise that this site WILL be updated and WILL be successfully split! I'll be back!

12/11/01: The Times and The Sunday Times have changed their policies and now require each user to register to use their services. This means that I can no longer provide links to their articles and I have had a 24-hour window to remove them. I am currently checking around with the other online newsmagaizines to see if their policies have changed as well.

Because I now have to rethink my entire starategy, I am taking the site down temporarily. One way or another we WILL be back I promise.

12/07-8/01: Bet y'all thought I'd disappeared eh? ;-) Nope I'm still here. I've been feverishly working on getting the site split done- goal being to be finished before Christmas. Yes it's ambitious, but anything worth doing is worth doing right...right? ;-)
In the meantime, Tina's been SO nice in finding reviews for Faith Healer, I feel I should go ahead an post 'em all here anyway! So big thanks to Tina! This now officially puts us over the 300 Uploaded Links milestone! Yipeeeeeee! :-D
Also, Paul Brown, who did the sets for The Tempest and Platonov at the Almeida, won an Evening Standard award this year!
11/10/01: Several Almeida-related people and productions have been nominated for this year's Evening Standard Awards! We'll see who wins on the 26th. Say, that was our first new link for a while there! Guess I'd better hurry with the rest of the site split/updates then eh? ;-)
11/07/01: Fixed a few css things here in lieu of the sister site's css. Considering adding more META's almost as if the search engines are ignoring me or something. :-) Oh well. :-P
11/06/01: Started work on splitting the site!!! The layout will be very similar to this one and there will be some overlap in links and images to keep the sites together. No uploaded links yet, just fundamentals.
11/01/01: Found out we got our first major search engine (BigCelebrities.Com) hit! Thanks guys! Did some minor link fishing just out of curiosity and found some interesting international sites. No we aren't listed anywhere yet despite submissions. :-P Oh well, one of these of the other sites I've been working on is beginning to take shape so I'll be able to work on this one again soon! :-)
10/16/01: Part 2: Fixed the update page here! :-) Today is also the release date for The Phantom Menace on DVD. Ian should be in one of the deleted scenes (the taxi one), but I don't have a DVD player...yet...
10/16/01: Last-minute change regarding the Site Award- it will now be only given once a year on Ian's birthday only.
No news on my getting things organized with this site. I haven't gone fishing for a couple of weeks. This whole terrorist thing really shook me up and then I had to go update a different and more urgent site. Yes I'm both very sentimental and very busy. But rest assured we have over 400 links- just haven't posted 'em all yet. Keep in touch cuz they WILL come! Thanks for your patience with me. :-)
09/27/01: Put a flag and message on the site in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of Sept 11th.
09/18/01: I took the week off because I was far too upset by the terrorist attcks to concentrate on anything.
09/11/01: There's no doubt about it- I have to split the site in half. This means I will be reorganizing EVERYTHING yet again. The large number of links I've already fished and found will not be uploaded until the split and reorganization is complete.
In the meantime I can still fish for links and keep them safe and warm on my hard disk. And with 292 links already up there's still plenty to do around here. I'll probably upload 8 more just so we can reach the 300 mark for posterity. :-)
09/10/01: I'm still fishing for more links- and finding LOTS!!!!! We will without a doubt have over 350 by the time I upload all of this. Due to the enormous amount of links, I'm having to reorganize the way I archive findings offline which means it's taking a little longer for me to do the actual upload-and-update. At least for this go-round. I may even have to split this site completely in half! Who knows, let me finish the fishing first. This WILL take a few more days. I *did* however, update my META tags! :-) Maybe some of the search engines will finally pick *us* up for a change...
09/05-06/01: Sad & shocking news: Ian McDiarmid and Johnathan Kent are resigning from the Almeida Theatre effective summer 2002. Everyone is certainly sad to see them go, but they've given us a great & wonderful 12 years of their lives! This announcement prompted some more searching...the searching prompted me to fix some of the way I handle things on my end...eventually, I updated again. I'm also seeing a potential problem but since my server doesn't support much of anything, it'll be interesting to see how this does...
08/20/01: Uploaded some more links and added new sub-sections cuz I needed to.
08/19/01: Part 2: Put up the AAI site banner and changed the Almeida one back to the more official one. Also went fishing again and started uploading some more.
08/19/01: Put up the criteria and template for the new Site Award and uploaded the 8 wallpapers!!! That's the good news. The bad news is that tech support says that they don't support java and "all that other stuff". >:-P~ Boo hiss...Did rework all the popups tho & relocated a couple of pages like the Guestbook.
08/18/01: Been working on a Site Award. Made a few wallpapers in the process, I'll upload 'em later. Will also do something with all of these popup windows- make 'em more organized. Hopefully I'll call tech support soon regarding javascript...still won't work. We also got our 100th visitor on August 14th!!!
08/12/01: Hey there! Kwawin beat me to the images page idea (she got it uploaded first) so I'm abandoning that idea. That's perfectly ok by me!...just that I had to re-arrange the navigation links a bit. I was thinking about a webring and a site I split the Links & Webrings page into the Out Links' Banners page and made a new one for the webrings. Nothing on the webrings on yet.
08/05/01: Rearranged a couple of links. Added a few more too. Did the TheatrePro articles and put them up (and provided the links). I DID THE INTRO PAGE!!! I included an FAQ too. Think I should put a pic of myself up there or not? Also put a greeting up on the main page. (maybe now those idiots at the search engines will finally pick up on this! I've already submitted and *nada*!)
08/03-4/01: More searching, more finding, more uploading. Added a 'Brief Mentionings of Plays' section cuz, well, I needed to. :-) Broke the 250 links mark...something tells me we'll have 300 or more links by mid-September. Just a hunch. Boy I *really* need to do that Intro page don't I? Also added a section for the search engines. Whew!
08/01-2/01: Uploaded the Almeida links I found on the 31st. Long and grueling task- found bunches, I almost don't know what to do with some of them. ;-) OK so I'm not *really* kidding about *some* of that. Found some Sleepy Hollow and The Phantom Menace stuff too but most of it's not really very interesting unless you're into old toy releases.
07/31/01: Reorganized the Banners & Webrings page and added more banners there. Relocated a few links between sections. Went fishing for more Almeida Links online...
07/30/01: Fixed some more of the broken links to articles at Britannica.Com. Still can't find some of them for some odd reason & some appear to be completely missing from there... %-/ Fixed the broken link at the bottom of each page. Also reformatted the link descriptions; please let me know if they're too hard to read!
07/29/01: Finally finished and uploaded the linking banners. Also changed the main site banner to include the Almeida Theatre. Wow and we're 2 months old today too!
07/26-7/01: Big night! Added a new section: Sources & Subjects. Renamed the Credits page. Fixed some of the Britannica links. And we broke 200! And you thought you couldn't find anything on Ian McDiarmid on the web! ;-) :-D
07/08/01: Moved the sections around on the main page. More links added. Trying to find a more efficient way to label links as having photos or sounds to minimize space...
07/02/01: Big night! Added new section "Buy Ian Stuff" and we crossed the 150 links mark!!!
07/01/01: Added new counter on the Banners & Webrings page.
06/28/01: Site officially announced!!! Moved pages into folders. Will start uploading the transcribed articles soon.
06/27/01: Fixed some formatting errors. Can't get javascript to work so abandoning it.
06/25/01: Site Banner uploaded!
06/05/01: Finished dividing main page. Added update page. Will do intro page, images page, and site banners soon.
06/02/01: Started dividing main page into smaller ones. Main page too big.
06/01/01: Received our very first visitor!
05/31/01: Counter and Guestbook established.
05/29/01: Site uploaded for first time. CSS added later today.

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