A Few Things First

About the Aimeitis: The "aimeitis" is a conglomeration of my mental and neuorlogical illnesses/disorders. It is a term we use when talking about the whole she-bang, as well as to generally refer to the unidentified neuorlogical disorders/damage.

The nerve damage is the result of a collection of allergies to several medications I was given. I took them exactly as perscribed and unbeknownst to myself, my family, and my doctors, I was allergic to them to the point that they were toxic to my body. My allergic reactions and the symptoms resulting are extremely rare and very unique; because of this, it has been nearly impossible to have an official or completely accurate diagnosis.

About the Blog: This has become a necessity. In order to help my doctors, I've been keeping a daily record of my symptoms and the like for the past year. This year, I've needed to expand on it.

Since my hands often don't let me keep written records as often as I need, the blog was the only other practical way I could think of. Yes it is an invasion of my privacy (and I am a *very* private person), but I figure if it helps people better understand what's going on, possibly make a diagnosis, help others who may be suffering from similar symptoms and situations, or even help lessen the stigmas attached to mental and neurological disorders...then I figure it's worth the invasion.

About the Credibility: I am a very real person with a very real condition- several conditions actually. I am disabled but I am credible. I write and speak the truth as I know it about all my illnesses, including those we have not yet idenitifed.

I do not talk or write about this for celebrity or revenge (cuz I don't want them), but rather to inform, support, and help others and to try my best to figure out this whole mess.

About the Diganoses: My diagnoses for my mental disorders are 100% accurate and millions of people suffer from any single one of them worldwide.

My [unofficial] diagnoses for my neurological disorders are so far just guesses based upon several doctors' opinions (some biased and some unbelieving) and long hours of private research. Due to the rareness and uniquness of my symptoms (and the lack of identical cases), making an accurate diagnosis has so far proved nearly impossible. There have been many things that we've come across which sound remarkably similar to what I have, but when examined and compared thouroughly, they are definately not the same.

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