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"I'm not tryin' to fake it and I ain't the one to blame, no there's no one home in my house of pain." -Faster Pussycat, "House Of Pain"

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Depression / Dysthymia
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Hemi-Plegic Migraine
Acid Reflux Disease
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
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Huntington's Disease
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Nitrus Oxide

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Clonopin (sp?)

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iron supplement
Omega 3
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Black Current
Ginko Bilboa
Siberian Ginseng

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Pepcid AC
Pepto Bismol

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Now on the third incarnation, this layout is easier to make and type in so we may finally "have it here". I will also change the blog layout to this same format so that when I'm ready to have the blog "go public", it should blend in well. I have the Aimeitis Blog link button up mainly for decoration at present since the blog isn't public yet, but it *will* be the button to use. Please remember, do not link without asking me first about linking.


This page is about a mirage of strange stuff that I live with daily. I've been in therapy since late 1994 and I've been on several medications, most of which I have had adverse reactions to. Three of which were so bad it landed me in the emergency room 4 times in 2 weeks! Two of the culprits are SSRIs: Anafronil and Prozac.

All of this has left me in a bit of a pickle because everything I have taken (and reacted badly to) has left permanent trouble behind. I am now suffering from a bizarre nerve-oriented disorder called... actually we don't know what the hell it is! We just call it 'aimeitis' for lack of better term. ;-)

I've been reluctant to talk about the "aimeitis" stuff, but seeing as I'm apparently not the only one who has bad experiences with SSRIs, I guess it's worth a shot.

I may or may not put up my symptoms regarding the OCD, but I definately be putting up those pertaining to 'aimeitis'... right after I finish making the masterlist of them all. :-P

This site's pretty much for me right now as I'm trying to sort out all the weird stuff going on.

About the blog:

This has become a necessity. In order to help my doctors, I've been keeping a daily record of my symptoms and the like for the past year. This year, I've needed to expand on it. Since my hands often don't let me keep written records as often as I need, the blog was the only other practical way I could think of. Yes it is an invasion of my privacy (and I am a *very* private person), but I figure if it helps people better understand what's going on, possibly make a diagnosis, help others who may be suffering from similar symptoms and situations, or even help lessen the stigmas attached to mental and neurological disorders...then I figure it's worth the invasion.

Reader's Promise:

You will NOT hold anything you read in any of these pages against me; by that you will NOT use it to deny me any good, service, or emplyment that you would allow someone who has perfect health. You may NOT use any information to stalk or spy on me, or for any other illegal purposes. Do not try to intimidate or patronize me with any of this either. You may NOT copy or reproduce ANY information here without my prior written consent. YOU MAY NOT LINK TO THE BLOG WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST; this includes posting links to a newsgroup, mailing list or any other public forum or third party. You MAY however, bookmark it.

Aimeitis Colors:

This just started out as a fun thing for me to use in helping pick a layout and then it turned a but personal. I'm a VERY artistic person and I cherish color.

######## = Dark blue, dark like the water you tread after being shipwrecked, I'm in a neurological distress. Be persistent while in distress and you'll make it.

######## = Medium blue, >similar to one of the colors of the school that saved my life. Just be yourself and you'll have the courage to never give up.

######## = Light blue, as beautiful as this color is, it's almost too bright for me now no thanks to the nerves. There is much pain here, and I think neuro-chemistry when I see this color.

######## = Green, it's not easy being green, so find out what it is about green that isn't easy, and you can make it easier for green. Here, green is myself seeking knowledge about my illnesses.

######## = Silver, this is the official color for the support ribbon for brain disorders and my stuff definately qualifies. Brain disorders.

######## = Red, my favorite color and is a positive thing. Keep the personal positives (family, humor, goals, etc) going as your fuel when the mind and body fail.

One last thing: do NOT put me on any spam or mailing list!!!

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