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    Advice section: Paint your world colorfully! Ya never know what's gonna happen next.... Don't let your dog run lose if you have no fence. There's no shame in being a virgin. Know where your napkin is before you stand up, especially if you intend to use it again. Bill Gates can't hear you from here, although it'd be nice if he did. Hit the bathroom *before* you get in the car. Even a 1% chance is still a chance. Read the instructions carefully, occaisionally they'll screw up. Know thyself. Trust in God. Keep the tie-dye, lose the high heels. Cheer like you mean it, don't swear if you don't. And ...Always set the timer to record a couple of minutes before and a couple of minutes afterwards in case the clocks decide to stop matching.
Rainbow Heron 1999

Origin of "Rainbow Heron":

In my junior year of high school, several of the guys I had been cheering with informally decided to officially formalize into a cheering group known as Da Baron Fans. When the time came to purchase our custom shirts, we each chose a name and a number for ourselves. Originally, I called myself "Blue Heron" in honor of our school colors. Within a month, I recognized that "Rainbow Heron" was more indicative of my personality when I used it in signing up for my first email account. The following year, I purchased a second shirt to reflect the change. Incidentally, the shirt says:


Hi y'all! My name is Aimée "Rainbow Heron" Anderson and I'm a misfit- that is to say, I don't fit into too traditional many catergories. I'm what you'd call a non-conformist, IXTX if you must know, although I'm not necessarily against tradition as long as it makes sense. I love the variety of life and the stability of home.

I was born in Washington D.C. and later moved to South Carolina, where I've been stuck for the better part of my life. My Yankeeness still comes out at odd times and can occaisionally get me into trouble. Up North, I was raised on the Smithsonian, blizzards, gridlock, multi-national classrooms, and the Nation's Capital was my backyard! Down South, I was raised on grits, sweet iced tea, Hurricane Hugo, and mosquitoes. The good news is I got family down here, the bad news is, I still get homesick for the bustling metropolis and dozens of museums.

It took me several years to warm up to the computer, and thankfully it has helped sustain me through some very difficult years. The reason I haven't been as digitally active lately is because I've gotten better! I hope I can still maintain a good real life/digital life balance in the upcoming years, but for now, please feel free to look around what's been building since May 29 1999!

Various hobbies and interests include:

computers: website design, blogging, usenet (newsgroups)
music: guitar & bass, singing, sound recording & engineering, songwriting
arts: filmmaking, special effects, writing (poet/lyracist), photography (digital)
visual arts: color pencil, graphite, pastel, using grids, charcoal, tie-dye, computer-generated
natural disasters: natural disaster research including the subsequent fields of: meteorology, seismology, volcanology, a little astronomy, disaster preparedness & emergency management
crafts: knitting, sewing, crochet
fav sports to watch: gymnastics, snowboarding, ice skating, ice hockey, Olympics on NBC, & high school basketball!
health: psychology, alternative medicine integrated with traditional medicine, YogaFit yoga, energy therapy (the valid stuff, not the weird stuff), bicycling, swimming
other: listening to radio, watching educational and "thinking" programs on tv, reading, sign language, chaos (fractals), herpatology (the study of reptiles), mineralogy (study of rocks, minerals & gemstones...but none of that new age crap stuff with crystals), working on our garden , archaeo-astronomy, the history of Freemasonry

More favs in the Spectrum Pages!

© Rainbow Heron  1999-2012    Please don't reproduce any of my stuff anywhere unless you have my prior written consent. I have given credit to materials that are not mine where known and applicable. Please don't attempt to sue me cuz I got NO money! And no I'm not gay, I just really really love color! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY SCANS!
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