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If you've already visited Rainbow "RH, RH/Alice" Heron's other websites or met her on RASSM, then you know...well, you know. And if you've met her in person, then good for you! :-D

RH's vast and twisted imagination led her to create this website when the .siggy happiness on RASSM caused a spark of creativity, thereby causing her sig to rebel. It was a glorious day for .sigs, and yet another day in RH's head for the rest of us. RH's friend Darth Gumby (DG), being on the same wavelength as RH at the time, gave her encouragement in this train of thought and the result was that most of the content that should be on this site exists in newsgroup posts and emails instead. (This is probably a good thing for the websites, considering ng sig, RH's lead rebellious sig.)

Since RH was on a website-creation spree at the time, it was inevitable that one for the .Significant Rebellion should spring up.

Now, why is it called ".Significant Rebellion"? Because RASSM's a Star Wars newsgroup and RH is a Star Wars fangeek. In ROTJ, Emperor Palpatine tells Luke that from their position on the second Death Star that he (Luke) will "witness the final destruction of the Alliance, and the end of your insignificant rebellion." RH remembered thinking when she first heard that line: "If I (RH) were Luke, I'd think wrinkle-face was stupid or something because the Rebellion is hardly insignificant." I mean, if it were, why bother trying to destroy them right? Apparently, RH's .sigs feel the same way towards RH...sometimes.

So there you have it.

If you have to inject some seriousness into this: First of all, please don't. This site is meant as a gag. A funny. A parody even. While I'm all for free speech where it's appropriate and I don't like hearing about repressed people anywhere under any unjustified conditions, here in the United States of America where rights are supposed to be equal and Freedom of Speech is supposed to be guaranteed, a lot of awfully strange, wacky, weird, and just plain nonsensical protestings can crop up on any given subject at any given moment. Even Worth1000.Com has noticed this with their Stupid Protests contests. Let this be my contribution to this particular fray. :-)

In addition to Weird Al, Star Wars, and Harry Potter fandom, RH also loves Pokémon, natural disasters, doing notepad HTML/css, boots, and of course anything colorful!!!

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