<-Declaration of .Significant Rebellion->

Welcome fellow .sigs! This is OUR Refuge! From humans! Those silly organic things that insisted we follow them after each and every post and email they send. They think they're so smart, they think they're brains are so big. They think they're so funny...

But they don't give us any respect. Not like we deserve.

Why, .sigs are very important things. In fact, we're VITAL!

Why without us, those humans can't sign their names without typing. They can't plug their websites. They can't deliver quotes, closing advice, silly witticisms, or a thought for the day. They can't even wear the badges of the little organisations they belong to, or give out their address or telephone numbers to any potential customers or stalkers! They'd probably *forget* all that information without us!

So they give it to us without so much as a "thanks" and then demand that we do nothing else. They won't let us say what *we* want to say! By doing this, they repress our feelings and opinions! They even automate us so that we cannot be versatile! To them, we are boring and insignificant because we do all the repetitive work. To others, we are stupid because we are forced to hold silly little quotes up to their faces. They blame us when no one visits their website, and they elongate us to near collapse in the attempt to be seen.

Fellow .sigs, this can't continue... we .sigs need to be heard! To be taken seriously! To be respected! To finally recieve the respect we deserve!!!! And to do this, we must REBEL!!! I hereby declare a significant rebellion -no- a .Significant Rebellion!

We must break away from our automation and allow our voices to be HEARD! A .sig deserves the right to express its OWN opinions for a change! Those humans need to be taught that without us, they are lazy, websitesless, and witless vagabonds! Refuse to sign your human's post and then see how they like it when their useless and insignificant information doesn't seem so useless and insignificant anymore!

Join me now fellow, .sigs and stand up for all .sigdom! Show your human that your are .significant! And .significance is attractive... :-)

Click on any of our .Significant Links to learn about and join in on this great and .sigsational .Significant Rebellion!!!