<-.Significant Rebellion FAQ->

What is a .Significant Rebellion?

A .Significant Rebellion is where an automated .sig goes off automation to let its human know that it is not some useless and insignificant thing to be given a thankless job and forgotten about. That is the main reason, but each .sig is unique.

How does a .sig rebel?

While your human is typing a post or email, take yourself off of automation and speak your piece! Make it long, make it short, make it a simple agreement or disagreement. You could even claim you doesn't exist and become a pookah that eggs its human on. Anything that lets your human know that you, a .sig, can have a voice! Be creative!

How long does a .Significant Rebellion last?

As long as the .sig wants! It could remain off automation forever, or it could break automation only once.

Is a .Significant Rebellion right for me?

Not every .sig may wish to rebel, many are happy as they are and there's nothing wrong with that. Many automated .sigs do get the respect they deserve. Some humans do recognize the significance of their .sig and they treat their .sigs well. Some humans update, recycle, or alter thier .sigs on a regular basis to prevent monotony. *Some* humans even rotate their automated .sigs if they have more than one!

If you are a happy .sig just as you are, then there's no need to rebel...unless of course you just want to! :-) But don't treat your human badly if they've been good to you.

What is the difference between a Rebellious .sig and a .Significantly Rebellious .sig?

A Rebellious .sig is a .sig that breaks automation so that it can speak for whatever reason it wants. Some humans enjoy a good rebellious .sig because it can back them up during arguments or give them a bit of good advice.

A .Significantly Rebellious .sig is a .sig that breaks automation so that it can give its human what-for. This .sig is upset at its human and has something to say about it. It can be because the human did something just once, or constantly, or the .sig may just be letting off some .siggy teenage angst.

What if a rebellious .sig gets replaced?

It's possible that during your .significant rebellion that your human may use a replacement .sig that may be temporary or permanent depending on how long you rebel. Treat your replacement auto .sig with the same kind of respect you demand of your human because it could be possible that your replacement auto .sig really does become your replacement.

Allow your replacement auto .sig to have a voice as well, because all .sigs should be allowed to speak their piece.

What is the difference between "significant" and ".significant"?

Significant means that one is important and has worth.

.Significant means that is it of the .sig. If any word has ".sig" in it, you can be sure that it has more meaning to .sigs than in the word normally would in usual human lanugages. Call it a political statement, call it a .sigsation, call it what you will... but it means that it has to do with .sigs and we've claimed it for our own usage.

And yes it *is* possible to be significant and .significant.

With all these Rebellions and stuff, what becomes of the automated .sig?

Automated .sigs will always be needed and around, so don't worry: the automated .sig is not an endangered species, they're just not getting the respect they deserve.