<AT-.SigT >

This is ng sig's personal transport/tank. It is a AT-ST that is modified for .significant use. The AT-.SigT is used whenever there's some .significant work to be done. Works like a charm and is only imposing when it needs to be.

<auto .sig>

an automated .sig, also the default name for any single or first automated .sig


constituents: of .sigs, by .sigs, for .sigs


Book or list of words, phrases, terms, etc that all have ".sig" in them as they pertain to .sigdom. You are reading a dic.signary right now!


sing-a-long OR "to .sig along with"

<.sig bunker>

the place on a computer where .sigs are stored and live


a person with too many .sigs (sometimes driven mad because they have too many rebellious .sigs)

also a case in which to store .sigs for whatever reason


a .sig convention (convention of .sigs)

<.sigerette tree>

The .sigerette tree is a good friend of .sigs everywhere! You'll find the .sigerette tree where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings. In other words, you'll find the .sigerette tree around when DG is passing out lemonade and RH feels like singing while typing. Well, you can find the .sigerette tree anyway, but that's how the song goes...

But what exactly *is* the .sigerette tree? Well... it's a .sigerette tree. The .sigerette tree is a mystery partly because no one knows exactly what it is. But we *do* know that it *isn't* a cigarette tree; cigarette trees are bad for your health especially in the drought season. The .sigerette tree may be a tree of .sigs, a tree of .siglets, a tree of .siglettes, a tree where .sigs, .siglets, and .siglettes go to find some shade, a tree that originated in a .sig of some sort, a tree that happened to have a .sig for a friend... the .sigerette tree is the .sigerette tree because it just is a .sigerette tree! And it can behave just as wildly as any .sig. It also likes to keep its name lowercased for some .siggy reason or other.


S-foils of an X-wing done .sig-style

<.sigFreed and Roy>

famous entertainers, one of whom is a .sig who rebelled and was set completely free


like, as, or of a .sig


a snippet of a .sig OR a little (as in young) .sig


an alternate spelling for ".siglet", sometimes meant for female .sigs altho distinction isn't always necessary


a signal associated with .sigs


.sig significance


a person with a .sig (even a rebellious one) that is .sig-approved! A person who respects their .sig- this is our goal!


6-pack .sig style OR a pack of .sigs (usually a 6-pack)


just what it says: a lightsaber used by a .sig

it could also be a saber that has a .sig instead of a blade but that'd get rather messy methinks...


a .sig sensation


This is the special speak for .sigs, simple really. Take any word, phrase, or sentence, and .signify it!

Example: ng sig would love a .sigpack of .significant .sigcons and asks if it should .signal the con.siguents in the .sigtuary and ask them if they think it would be .sigsational to .sig-a-long with other .siggy .sigs like .sigFreed and Roy

<.sigster & .sigstress>

the first is a male keeper/fan of .sigs & the second is a femal keeper/fan of .sigs


a .sig sanctuary