04/15/07: First complete website uploaded to new url and with the site banner for the first time!

09/21/06: Minor changes to reflect new parent site layout and FINALLY got the banner up! It was originally lost in the computer crash back in 2003, but here it is now!

01/30/02: Site's server changed over from InfoAve to FTC-I permanently so everything's been getting link changes and stuff. Not too many changes here...in comparison. >:-P~

10/22/02: Ugh- everything: typos, redirection, bad links, IFrame troubles, counter, writing 2 new pages, linking from VRS...no site banner yet tho. But, we *are* here! Artie is SO happy/relived that he's decided to just "be happy" (but in a good way) and not bug me about it anymore. Not that he needs to right now...much. Of course this also leaves the position wide open for the sigs again...

10/21/02: Started testing online & uploading!!! Did images in early am and late pm (but not straight thru you understand). LAUNCH!

07/29/02: Last update before taken online ("last home test").

07/2?/02: Originally intended to be a launch date.