slap=with fin
smack=with fin & tail body
body slam=self- explanitory

NOTE: slapping and smacking can be done with the head for the especially hard slapping and smacking

SLAP VISUAL: the scene from The Little Mermaid where Flounder slap/smacks Flotsam, and Jetsom around with his tail

SMACK VISUAL: Henry Jones Sr. hitting Indiana Jones on the cheek, only with the lower end of a trout and closer to upside the head (for the harash ones). Like broadsiding someone's head with a pillow during a pillowfight (for the light ones).

LOVING SMACK VISUAL: like any of the above only done VERY lightly and in good humor. Remember the Disney short with the two bears where the slap means "I love you"? That's a loving slap, only put the smack visual into the equation and well...

For Major Duh Factor: single "wake up stupid" smack or slap on the cheek. It's usually just the one big smack, and amount of slappage depends on amount of stupidity. If I catch myself in the act, I sometimes let him do the "DU-UH!" 'slap hand to face' one for me.

For Extra Duh Factor: body slam to the face- a light one like he's jumping onto you. This works in situations where you've been given a dozen hints (or just a fairly obvious one) and you *still* don't get it.

For someone else slapping/smacking me in the first place: slap/smack is of equal or greater value and usually just upside the head.

For being mean to me (or someone I like): slap ya around Flounder&Flotsam-style in the face

For being REALLY mean to me (or someone I like): a really hard smack like you're the baseball and Artie's the bat. He'll use his head instead of his tail if it's personal to him, but no he doesn't bite.

For being damn near cruel to me (or someone I like): a really hard body slam right in the face

Original vintage #weird-al "trout smack": use your imagination. He ususally uses his head for this one, but any or all of him will do just as long as I can hold onto him for the smacking leverage.

Original vintage #weird-al "lovingly trout smack": it's just like a slight whack/bump/brush/bouce/whatever on your cheek with the fin.

Ready... for smacking... and for slapping! BODY SLAM!