Greetings! You've found your way to Artie's corner of the internet! I'm Rainbow Heron and Artie is my Rainbow Trout. We've been good pals for a few years now and while I have my online roots on Usenet, Artie had his roots on #EFnet. After many years of sitting around the house (namely on my couch His Royal Slugness Jabba the Hutt), Artie eventually made his way to Usenet where he promtly met my good pal Darth Gumby and Artie took his place amoungst the ranks of my other strange and amusing (at least DG & I think they are) characters.

But if I don't shut up about him right now, I just may make this a one-page corner, and I'm sure Artie warrants having much more space than that. Plus, he wields a mean long-handled fish net when he doesn't feel in the smacking mood.