Artie fancies himself to be a retired sea captain-type of personality. He likes to sit beside bodies of water in his white wooden rocking chair and smoke his oyster friend while watching the water. He's got multiple types and senses of humor ranging from dry, to punny, to nonsensical, to bizarre, to just plain fishy.

In keeping with his #EFnet roots, he still smacks people (including me) around for various reasons, and in keeping with his new Usenet presence, he'll hang out with DG and our .siggy, Pokémon, and other friends quite often. Naturally by hanging out with this bunch, he ended up creeping into the Sith Wars by way of a backstory which was never posted to RASSM.

In this backstory, his roots place him as being a part of Lewis Carroll's Alice universes and knew the Walrus and the Carpenter. While he did not eat any oysters with them, he did in fact he managed to free a surviving oyster from them, which he now smokes in symbiance. Somehow, he ended up being recruited by the same organization that recruited Alice and her Pokémon, and Artie now serves as the disciplinarian/final guardian/oddly-placed member of the Jump-DMC crew.

Because of the secrecy involving the DJS, Artie will likely never make an appearence in an actual Sith War, but will definately play a part in the DJS stories I had planned to write and sort of have already started doing. So far, Artie's job seems to be to sit back, relax, and watch the hilarious train wreck that is the Jump-DMC's crew happen. One of those "quiet members" if you will...but trust me, he's not all that quiet when he wants to be. Heck, *none* of us are. :-)

If you ever happen to see Artie outside the Sith Wars and/or the DJS, please do say 'Hi!' to him! He's not a shy fish and always likes having company to chat with, because after all, chat is where he was born. :-)

...but that's also partly being punny again. ;-)