Jabba the Hutt: No, he's not the big slug crimelord from Star Wars, he's actually my couch. We bought the couch second-hand about 10 years ago and it stank to high heaven because it hadn't been washed. It was also an ugly dirty tannish color. My Mom is the one who gave the couch this nickname and she's actually tried to get rid of it several times over the past few years. I refuse to part with this couch cuz it's one of the most comfortable (for me) to sit and sleep on. Just for the record, we have *not* gotten rid of the couch, we *did* get it clean and smelling like nothing, and it actually has some nice pretty colors on the underside of the cushions. I also found a caseful of bb bullets wedged inside it not long after we cleaned it, but no cash.
The title that I like to use for this couch ("His Royal Slugness") I actually coined just after we finished a rather arduous 3rd move with him in tow. Partly as a tribute to the character for which he is named, but also in honor of just how damn long and complicated a move it was just to get him out of the upstairs room. Oh yeah, and he's a 7-foot long couch and weighs in at about a few tons. It takes little effort to slide him around the floor, but it takes 2 or 3 men to lift him up as well as to get him in and out of the door, and an extra gal just to help the other 3 get him down the stairs. Hmm, maybe HRS would like his own website?

Smoked Oyster: During Sith War 2002, I actually wrote a backstory to one Sith War post I was writing at the time and it included Artie and another character, an oyster, which he was smoking...literally. Artie likes the salty oceanic smell of the smoking oyster shell and the oyster likes the warmth of the fire. If you ask me VERY nicely, I might post this backstory sometime. Darth Gumby's in it.